Beginner 1

Beginner Level 1

For dogs 5 to 6 months of age or older. This is the first level of classes after puppy class. Standard obedience behaviors are taught so the dog is starting to learn more acceptable behaviors when walking on a leash, greeting people and better control in the home. Understanding dog behavior and dealing with the average problems is also addressed.

Admission Criteria: No prior behaviors are required. However, if a dog is determined to be too aggressive to people or other dogs, they may be asked to leave. A refund and recommendation for private training should be given. If the dog is just a little fearful and needs gentle exposure to other dogs and people, the dog may be admitted. But caution should be exercised in approaching the dog and having him or her too close to other dogs.

The Bwginner 1 classes are Full
Session 5 (September)
Registration: Opens on August 21st after 10am
Class Starts: September 24th & 25th

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