Teaches all skills to compete in Rally.  In Rally, dog and handler follow a course in which they independently perform the exercises indicated by multiple signs using positive reinforcement.

Admission Criteria: This is for dogs who have successfully completed Subnovice I or can demonstrate that they can:
* Respond to a come command and sit somewhere near front position.
* Stand, sit and down with the owner at the dog's side.
* Tolerate a mild exam on the stand for exam.
* Do one of the finishes, even if not perfectly.
* Do a one minute sit and down stay with the owner 6 feet in front of the dog.
* Heel reasonably well at owners side, doing a large circle to the left.

Dogs entering should be mature and calm enough in a group setting to focus and learn some of the more advanced skills.  Dogs should be able to respond to the owner's verbal commands to sit, down and come without needing excessive physical manipulations, and can walk with the owner under reasonable control.

For dogs passing Beginning Rally or who are able to comfortably do most of the exercises in Rally Novice.

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